5 girl Vietnamese exploitation body after tri-ounce pull’

Appearance beautiful help many girls confidence and fare in life. So they despite pain, risk to change appearance.

Beauty poor pretty make an optic (born 1989, Hanoi) met many obstacles in the job and life. She has spent 200 million council surgery raise the nose, moron chin, wrap porcelain teeth to become beautiful.

An optic share, after change appearance you met at least “Bad crying sucks laughter” in life as parents do not realize. She, abuse “knife pull” also affect health should not intended to fix more.

The concept of women always have to be beautiful, live happy, care for yourself so much, especially after divorce should mother single needle Bank (born 1986, Hanoi) decided to surgery Bank Kim for or a sister has spent more than 40 million copper to “sperm amended beauty”.

When have perfected all lines on your face, you use method replication skin biology and bathroom white to improve the skin cute brunette wandering. “Besides, I also hard use cosmetics to take care of your skin all over the body. With appearance beautiful than I confident when standing in front of customers, business so favorable more”, Kim Bank.

Family who love banned, home recruiting denied because of appearance poor pretty, especially eyes “eel”, Salaries Market Galaxy (students years 4, University Medical honor, Technology Security) ever cause “storm network” after surgery

Galaxy said he has cut eyelids, raise your nose, do chin, fountain tattoo foot and bleach moles. After surgery, she felt pretty nervous, especially in the early days of swollen, masons should not dare out. Current, the face of 9X was swelling, wound stability, health completely normal. “I love your face current and no regrets when deciding what cosmetic surgery. I am going to have to be beautiful to perform dream become a doctor cosmetic my”, Hanoi share.

Not satisfied with all lines on her face, tail eye, midair collapse eyelids, chin short faces, mouth poor coastal areas, friends often tease makes esoteric legend (born 1995, Incision price, patience ride) inferiority, crouched and concerns contact with the people around you. After talking to my mother and received the support of family, 9X performed the surgery slide jaw, cut eyelids, cut environment and create cheeks small dimples just above the money

“After surgery, I feel so gently and no pain as ever imagined. However, you have to be careful in time climate change, surgery care incisions carefully, prevent infection, happen complications. The early days after the surgery, I only be a piece of cake, diet vegetables set out, seafood, map arcade”, Esoteric Legend said. Current, her face is stable, outline harmony and very natural.

Though her beauty before a beautiful but Nguyen Methods Conference (Tp.Ho Chi Minh) Still decided to “tap out rebuilt” the whole face. 9x telepresence is also a modern times surgery second. Ever wonder breast augmentation surgery method of set bag mess, wrap porcelain teeth and very satisfied with the results should implement bold continue to “knife pull”.

This time, you vasectomy cut eyelids, raise your nose, liposuction nọng chin. “A week after the major surgery like hell, my face swelling, big could not be opened my eyes, purple bruise, part chin soreness terrible, almost deformed. All living my is blurred mother help. Friends the evidence makes the image at that all think i aesthetic failure.
Good luck, face after all swelling outline beautiful as expected. The total cost for these times do my beautiful archive


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